January 4, 2013

Dear Sawyer Dylan (6 Months)

Dear Sawyer Dylan,
In the past month, just like each month of your life lots of new and interesting things have headed your way!  For instances you have been moved into your new house in Grand Junction where you will get the chance to grow up close to your grandparents and aunt and uncles.  Some of your firsts this month included-

  • Getting your picture taken with Santa Claus at Mesa Mall (just like mommy did years before)
  • You got more Christmas themed pictures taken and you looked adorable
  • You enjoyed your first Christmas- Santa brought you an activity center that you can turn 360 degrees in as well as hop up and down.
  • You still enjoy afternoon cat naps in your swing which is still able to move your chunky booty back and forth in it!  I'm not sure how much longer that will actually be the case!
  • You have been loving solid foods although we only give you them before bed.  You will eat between 1/4 cup and 1/2 cup depending on the night and how much you want to eat.  You then will drink between 4 and 7 oz.  of breast milk before bed.
  • You are still exclusively feed breast milk when you have milk which is something mommy is pretty proud of!
  • You are still loving bath time and are a happy camper if you get to suck on the wash cloth while you are enjoying the warm water.
  • We start your bedtime between 6:15 and 6:30 depending on the night- you enjoy your dinner, hang out in your high chair for a bit, have a bath, and then given a bottle.  You typically sleep from 7 PM to anywhere between 6:45 and 7:30 AM on most days and then mommy will feed you and sometimes we will go back to sleep until about 9 AM.  Once we are up for the day we then hang out and have you play with your various toys until 10:30 or 11 AM when you take a short 30 minute nap.  After that nap we are up and hanging out playing some more or running errands around town.  You typically take 1 or 2 short 30 minute to 1 hour long naps in the afternoon.  If you get your two naps in you are the happiest baby ever- if you only get one some afternoons you can be pretty cranky!
  • We discovered you love Christmas trees.  Anytime we would hold you next to the tree you loved grabbing the ornaments and looking at the lights.
  • You have started to push yourself around in a 360 degree circle when you are playing on the floor and sometimes you will push yourself backwards and have pushed yourself into the nook by the fireplace many times.  Every time you do it you cry until we come save you!  It's the funniest thing! 
  • People often comment on how adorable your hair is- blond and fluffy.  One section in particular is extra long because it never fell out and it often makes you look like Alfalfa!

We love you baby boy and can't wait to see what next month brings!