January 17, 2013

Headboard Redo

In our town home we had a three piece headboard in our master bedroom which I made shortly after moving in.  When we moved into the new house we didn't have the space necessary for the three piece headboard in our new master because of some windows that are placed on the wall directly above our bed (more on that later).  So in order to reuse everything we already had I decided to recover two of the panels in a fun print and use them as the headboard in our guest bedroom.  I simply laid the existing panel down on a piece of fabric and then stapled the fabric to the board.  It took about 15 minutes because I already had a panel that was cut to size and was covered in foam and batting.  All in all I think it turned out great.  Here are some shots of the process.
 A piece of the existing headboard laid on top of the new piece of fabric cut to size
 The stapling begins!
A shot of the corner- once I had stapled everything  but the corners I then gathered the fabric, folded it over and then stapled it down.

A shot of one of the finished panels
A shot of the finished product, hung on the wall