April 2, 2013

Cords Galore

When our house was built it was the time of big TV's- not big ones like today but big ones that sat on the floor and need a lot of space.  Fast forward to today and we don't need TV's like that any more so our built in has tons and tons of cords that we can't get rid of for various reasons and an 8 month old that won't leave them alone.  

Some more back ground- the cords can't be raised to a higher location in the box because they are fixed in place.

That's where you all come in...I can't decide what to put in the hole.  I don't want it looking like the odd man out in our living area but I have had to go grab Sawyer more times then I can count to get him away from the cords and I just want a solution.  

Here are some pictures of the hole and the mess or wires-