May 7, 2013

Dear Sawyer Dylan, (10 Months)

Dear Sawyer Dylan,
These posts are becoming harder and hard to write at the end of each month because it become difficult to remember all of your milestones from the beginning of the month to the end!  I need to keep better notes throughout the month!  

But as far as I can remember the following were fun things you did for the first time this month:

- You went to Portland and got moved around from activity to activity.  By the end of the week you didn't even want to see your car seat again!  Activities included playing over at Wendy's with Kersey and Courtney, playing with Emma at the Courtney's, and hanging with Henry and Kennedy at various dinners during the week.  You got to play with all of your friends a lot while we were there.

- You also got to see Great Grandma Lila in Salem while we were in Oregon!  She just loved watching you crawl all over the place and pull yourself up on things!

- You started getting into the kitchen cabinets so daddy had to install some cabinet locks.  The brand we initially purchased you figured out in less than 48 hours though so mommy and daddy had to purchase a different one.  It arrives on Thursday so we will see if you figure these ones out just as quickly!

- You love climbing the stairs but this month you worked on learning how to climb back down them and are doing a fabulous job!

- You got to go on your first bike ride even though you didn't enjoy it a ton.

You are now less then two months away from being a whole year old!  I can't believe the time has gone by so fast but you are a joy to be around and watch turn into a little man!

Love you,