July 10, 2013

DIY Crib Teething Guard

After Sawyer's crib started to show signs of him using the rails as a teether I decided that I needed to do something about it before he ended up ruining the crib.  I decided to use a white jersey fabric so that it matched with the rest of his bedding.  I then measured his crib sides.  The longest measures 51" and the sides were 28" so I cut three pieces of jersey to those lengths and had each of them measure 10" wide.  

Once the pieces were cut to length, I then folded them each in half.  I counted the number of gaps between posts in the crib and then divided that number by the length (example 30/10= 3).  I then laid a tape measure out across the fabric and cut 3 inches up, every 3 inches.

After finishing all of my cuts I then placed the pieces on the crib and tied the pieces together, securing the front to the back with a double knot.  Here are some close ups.

The finished product!