November 20, 2013

DIY....I Am Thankful For Placemats

When we lived in Portland we were only able to come home for one holiday a year and because Christmas was typically the slowest time of year for both Tice and I were would stick around for Thanksgiving.  We often spent the holiday with two of our best friends, Erin and Donny and one year her mom had us all write on pieces of paper what were were most thankful for that year.  I thought it was such a simple game that really helped us define what we were thankful for plus it was a lot of fun.  So when I saw an idea on Pinterest that had simple placemats made out of brown paper bags and imprinted with the statement "I Am Thankful For" on the top right corner I decided to make them for our Thanksgiving this year.

What I Used:
Roll of brown paper bag wrapping paper 
Black Marker

Total Cost:
Nothing- I had everything laying around

First I rolled out the paper and then placed a plate on top of it to see what size I should cut the paper into.  I made each piece 15 X 20.  Then I free handed the phrase and once I was happy with how it looked I traced over it in the black marker.  I like how they turned out and can't wait to see them on the top filled with what my family is thankful for!

Thanks so much for stopping by!