November 15, 2013


I still didn't feel well for most of this week...damn daycare and all their germs spreading faster then wild fire!  Every time Sawyer gets something he is over it in a couple days and I'm sick for weeks most of the time!  I'm be happy when this stops happening!

As for our plans this weekend we are hoping to get a shelf built in the garage so that we can move some of the more fragile items that we store out there (such as decor for holidays) higher up, getting them off of the ground.  I've been looking forward to it for quite a while!

We also have photos with Santa and family photos scheduled for this weekend so that I can get a move on with the holiday cards we will be sending out to family, friends, and clients.

I've also been crafting up a storm when I wasn't laying in my sick bed so I look forward to sharing all of my projects with you very soon!  Stay tuned!

Enjoying Mom and Dad's bathtub last night

The BEST meatloaf sandwich ever!  Let me know if you would like me to post a recipe!

A little afternoon Caramel Apple Cider

Fun at the park

A little afternoon reading



 Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!