January 2, 2014

Sawyer-18 Months Old

Sawyer is 18 months old today and while time always seems to fly even faster when you have a little one the last couple of months have FLOWN by!  When people ask me about Sawyer I always say if I had to describe him in one word it would be DETERMINED.  The kid is simply stuck on something if he wants it bad enough.

Sawyer is doing more and more everyday but a couple of items that stand out in my mind lately include these, his 18 month update report:

Looking forward to finding this out because it feels much heavier lately then a couple of weeks ago.

Thankfully Sawyer hasn't been sick at all for a couple of months- not even a running nose.  Of course since I have just now put this into writing he will wake up sick tomorrow!  

We typically start Sawyer's bedtime routine around 6:30 or right after dinner.  We still give him a bath while reading to him in the tub most nights, followed by PJ's and a quick cuddle before we lay him down for the night.  Then we sleeps from about 7 to 7: 30 AM although we had a bit of a hard time after daylight savings time... that was a nightmare.

He has been getting to hanging out with his cousin Autzen and our good friend's son Mason but both of those boys are over a year younger then him so it will be nice once they are a bit older and can play with him a bit more.

He has become a more picky eater but if you put ketchup on a veggie he doesn't want it will magically disappear.

He doesn't really like playing with his toys- he would much rather open cabinets and discover things in there then play with any of his toys.  I have given up when it comes to buying toys which is a good thing when it comes to limiting the clutter in our home.

Other Items of Random Cuteness:
Anytime Sawyer sees or hears a dog he immediately starts barking.  We will be in the most random places but if he sees a dog of any kind- real, fake, a drawing, ceramic- it doesn't matter he will start barking!  It makes me smile every time!

Giving Mommy the thumbs up!

Right after his second haircut!  So handsome!

Sharing donut holes with Mommy on her birthday in Breckenridge

Eating a fruit leather for the first time and loving every bite!

Sawyer and his cousin Autzen

We are so thankful we have been blessed with a healthy, happy, bright baby boy and we can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!