January 24, 2014


Last night our friends came over for dinner and I made Chicken Milanese with a Tomato/Fennel Sauce and garlic mashed potatoes.  It turned out great!  It was from one of my favorite chefs,  Giada in case you would like the recipe!

Our plans this weekend don't really have anything set in stone.  Tice is doing FAC with his dad and some buddies tonight so I don't have any clue what Sawyer and I will end up doing.  

On another note last weekend when we were in Telluride we went to a restaurant called Allred's which is at the top of the gondola and is the location of our all time favorite happy hour in town were I had a perfect non-alcoholic cocktail made from Ginger Beer.  The only ingredients that it had were ginger beer poured into a glass filled with ice, a couple slices of fresh jalapenos (depending on the heat level you prefer) and some candied ginger on top as garnish.  It was so good I can't wait to recreate it throughout the rest of this pregnancy!   I didn't miss the alcohol at all!  Here is a shot from instagram of it-

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!