June 30, 2014

How I Spent...My Weekend

{Surprise flowers from my love}
This weekend we decided to lay low for the majority of the weekend.  Friday night we raided the pantry and fridge for leftovers to come up with dinner and then watched 3 episodes of Orange is the New Black.  On Saturday we finally decided to pull the trigger and join our local country club.  We can't wait to spend the rest of summer at their awesome pool.  Tice can't wait to play a lot more golf because the course is very close to his office.  I expect he will be slipping out of work for a couple of hours a couple times a week before baby girl decides to make her appearance. 
{Breakfast of champions- Rice chex and a chai latte}
{A view of the club's pool}
Sunday Sawyer and I met up with Tice at the club after he golfed, enjoyed lunch and then went to the club's pool again.  Once we got home we all took naps for a couple of hours and then had breakfast for dinner.

I can't wait to celebrate Sawyer's birthday this Wednesday, then our annivesary on Thursday and finally the 4th this weekend!  Busy week ahead but I can't wait because once these events pass we don't have anything planned and the waiting game for baby girl to make her arrival really begins!
{Enjoying some vanilla soft serve at the pool on a very hot 97 degree day!}

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Thanks so much for stopping by!