June 25, 2014

What's For Dinner...Shrimp, Prosciutto, and Avocado Pasta

The other night Tice asked if I could make pasta for dinner.  He and I searched through the pantry and the fridge to see what ingredients jumped out at us and while doing so he determined that we had all of the necessary components for a dish he often orders at our favorite restaurant in town, il Bistro's Shrimp and Avocado pasta.
I pulled out some prosciutto, butter, and white wine from the fridge as well as some pasta, garlic, and avocados from the pantry.  Finally I grabbed some frozen shrimp from the freezer, placed them in the sink and ran cool water over them to help defrost them.

First I boiled water and then tossed in 1/2 a pound of thick cut spaghetti to cook.  I then placed 2 tbps of butter along with a bit of olive oil in my pan and heated it up.  Then I placed the defrosted shrimp in and cooked them until pink.  Once they were close to done, I added 1 tbps of minced garlic and 1/2 cup of white wine.  I reduced the wine until there wasn't much left, added a touch of pasta water as well as as a touch of cream and then turned the heat way down.
In the meantime I diced up a ripe avocado, and 1/4 of a pound of prosciutto into long stripes.  Once the pasta was cooked I placed it in with the shrimp and tossed it, the added the prosciutto and avocado tossing very gently until everything was completely combined.
It came out great!  For my super particular husband he said it was a home run and went back for both seconds and thirds!  Needless to say the perfect summer pasta dish!

Thanks so much for stopping by!