June 24, 2014

DIY...Puppy Birthday Paw-tay Dog Food Cake How To

After looking at tons of different cake options for Sawyer's birthday party, I finally decided to create a cake in a dog bowl that looked like a pile of dog food.  I purchased a chocolate cake mix, added red food coloring, cooked it per directions on package and then went to town making it look as close to dog food as I could.
I initially took one of the cakes out of the pan and then used the bottom of the dog food bowl as my guide and cut around the cake so that it would fit perfectly into the bottom of the bowl.  Then I used the outside rim pieces from that same cake pan and placed those on top as the next layer, cutting out a small piece so that the cake fit.
I then cut the next cake the exact same way, small inner circle and then cut the rim part into pieces to fill the center.

Finally topping the cake with the center cut piece as well as...
the remaining edge piece.  
Then I frosted it with cream cheese icing and then topped the entire thing with Reece's Pieces cereal.  I chose that cereal because I liked the idea of the two different colors and because I just love that cereal!
I topped the cake off with a "2" candle and it was ready to go!

Happy Birthday Sawyer!

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