August 5, 2014

DIY Month Birth Announcement Onesie

I had seen years ago on Pinterest a photo of a baby dressed in a onesie that featured the month the baby had been born and then the date of the baby's birth circled.  I always thought that it was a neat idea so I decided to purchase all of the supplies this time and make one for Kinley because I had never gotten around to it with Sawyer.  I went to Joanne Fabrics and purchased Transfer Magic Inkjet Transfer Paper with a 50% off coupon bringing the total to around $5.  I created a document featuring the month of July on it using Google Docs and then googled how to flip the image I created so that it would look right once it was printed out and ironed it on the onesie.  Once I had ironed on the image, I washed the onesie and then used a fushia sharpie to circle the 17th (Kinley's birthday).

Side note...I had this insane nesting instinct with Kinley, so much so that the morning I went into labor I wanted to finish this project so badly before she arrived that I was having contractions while I was ironing the image onto the onesie- because you know, Kinley couldn't arrive without this project crossed off my list.  There I said it...and it makes me sound CRAZY!

It was a good thing that I didn't wash it again before I snapped these pictures because after the onesie went through the wash for the second time the image I had ironed on got messed up and kind of melted looking so I'm glad I wasn't planning on this being a long haul/many wears item!
Thanks so much for stopping by!