September 29, 2014

How I Spent...My Weekend

Well that mighty to do list I was talking about finally got some major items crossed off of it this weekend!  One of the major items was that we finished putting up these large storage shelves above our garage doors.  This enabled us to get most of the items we use on an infrequent basis are up off of our floors and on to the shelves.  We have plans for a third one down the road but we aren't in any rest.  One of the other items I crossed off of my list was to create large labels for all of our tupperware bins sitting on the shelves so that from the ground you can still see what is in them.  Yet another item we crossed off of the list was getting a bunch of stuff out of our garage that had been needing to go to the dump or the metal recyclers for a while.  Between those two things the whole garage feels a lot bigger which is never a bad thing! One of the other to do items that I had been putting off was washing our windows outside but Tice said it was only fair that if I was nagging him to get all of the things in the garage finished up that I needed to do the one thing that was on my list so it lit a fire under my butt and I got to work.  After getting one side of the house completed I moved on to the large window above our front door.  Birds have been using it all summer to perch on and then poop on so I also needed to clean bird poop off of the top of the window.  While I was scrubbing away the sponge in my hand slipped out and as I began to head down the ladder to grab it, I began to fall.  Mind you I was on the very top of the ladder, on a ladder that I hadn't put on the most solid ground (half was on the ground and half was on our front door mat).  I knew as I was falling I was in big trouble because I was headed right for the two stone steps up to our front door and then when I didn't stop there I feel hands first into our decorative rock planter.  I am so lucky and thankful that I didn't break anything, especially a wrist or arm because I can't imagine carrying for two kids with a broken limb!  I laid in the rock pit for a bit realizing I was in fact ok but that I was still in quite a bit of pain and then looked down at my hands.  They were the worse of it-

This was right after the fall- they look even worse now!  I also woke up the next morning feeling like I had had the hardest workout the day before because all of my muscles were in a ton of pain!

We also started putting up our cabinet hardware which hasn't been the easiest thing for sure because of issues like child locks.  We forgot one of the cabinets had them and Tice drilled through it and ended up breaking it.  Oops!  The hardware has made me what to paint our cabinets white even more then I did before which is both good and bad.  That is one project that I won't be taking on...I am not that much of a perfectionist to make sure they look professional and not DIY in this case.  Has any one ever hired this kind of job out?  Where did you begin your search?

So all in all we got lots of things done this weekend and still managed to fit in some family dinners, festive foods, and some family time!
Homemade pumpkin spice waffles
Kinley cheering on CU- to bad they lost in double OT
Monitoring the progress of cupcakes we made together for our family dinner Sunday night

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I have my monthly girl's night get together tonight- I can't wait to have a little adult time!

Thanks so much for stopping by!