September 12, 2014


Coming home after being gone for 2 weeks is never easy...if you have never done it, especially with two kids just imagine the amount of things that need to get put away.  Thankfully the place that we stayed in while we were in Portland had a washer and dryer which I made sure to use to the fullest while we were there and because of that only have 2 loads of laundry to do now that we are home.  On top of unpacking I have a ton of things to cross off of my to do list now that we are home so I know that this weekend will be a busy one!  In addition to all of the things that I need to do I also have a bachelorette party that I am hosting next weekend and I still have a ton of decorations that I need to finish making before we fly out next Friday.  Plus on top of all of that one of my girlfriend's is in town with her three little girls so I can't wait to get together with her and have her meet Kinley and we have a birthday party for one of my girlfriend's son's on Saturday night!  Cheers to the weekend and being productive!

I will leave you with a preview from our travels which I will go into more next week...
A picture of 7 little ones, all under 3 having a blast playing together one night during a BBQ my girlfriend hosted at her house!
Even Kinley got in on the action!  These kids were having so much fun they barely stopped long enough for us to get a picture!

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