October 2, 2014

Adventures in Kitchen Remodeling...Fridges and Freezers

My favorite feature about our home is the room I refer to as the great room.  The great room is a combination of the entry way, the living/family room, the dining space, and the kitchen.  I love how I can cook dinner while watching TV, keep an eye on the kids while I am working, and how the room is big enough to accommodate all of our guests whenever we have people over.  

However, the second that I laid eyes on our kitchen I knew that I wanted to eventually change things up a bit.  Sure there wasn't anything especially troubling about it, the cabinets were a fine color  and in great shape but I didn't love how brown/tan/cream everything was.  There is no real contrast between surfaces.  Our faux painted wall color blend in with our cabinets, which flows into our backspash, which melts into our countertops, which blends in with our tiled floor.

After living in the brown/tan/cream kitchen now for almost two years I have finally started to nail down the things that needed to be changed.   The breaking point though has been all of the milk I have been lucky enough to pump.  I haven't needed to unfreeze one bag that has made it's way into our freezer which means that almost 50 bags later the freezer is pretty full to say the least.  After a TON of research we decided to go with this fridge.  The old fridge it getting a new home in our garage and that way we will have two fridge/freezers and therefore tons of storage and I can't wait!

Here is a picture of our old fridge
It's was fine enough but the ice marker had quite working which was a big pain this summer.

And here is our new fridge- all bright and shiny!

I love the second pull out drawer and ice loves the ice and water in the door.

Thanks so much for stopping by!