November 9, 2014

Adventures in Kitchen Remodeling...Sinks and Faucets

After the installation of our new fridge a couple of months ago the next thing that was at the top of my list was to replace the kitchen sink and faucet.  I actually remember saying when we were looking at this home before we even put in an offer, "I would need the sink and faucet to be replaced before I even think about moving in."  HAHAHA.  Too bad I had to wait two years for the update to actually occur!   Our original sink was black and shiny with a faucet that has leaked since the day that we moved it and was "repaired" multiple times with duck tape!  

Since we aren't getting new countertops or drilling any new holes I needed to select a sink and faucet fixture that would fit into the existing space.  I decided to go with this sink and faucet combo after looking for a long time at the various options.
I love that it is a double sink with one of the bowls being smaller then the other (to use when washing only a couple of dishes and then getting to save water instead of filling the whole thing up) and that it has a faucet that reminds me of being on the commercial side of design.  A bonus is that is comes with the grids for the bottom of each side to keep dishes raised up off of the floor of the sink- another design feature I really like.

Now we just need to have it installed tomorrow or Tuesday and I will be over the moon excited!

Thanks so much for stopping by!