January 27, 2015

Outfit Inspiration...NYC Edition

My mom and I are taking a trip to NYC to visit my brother at the beginning on February so I have been taking advantage of tons of end of season sales and have picked up a couple of things in preparation.  I picked up these jeans (which I am in LOVE with-the fit is amazing) , as well as this pair-both from Piperlime.  In addition to my new denim from Piperlime I got this dress is such a neat color.  This inspiration photo came to mind as soon as I got it-

I plan on wearing my dress along with my hot pink heels as one of my outfits in the evening.

Another inspiration photo that I plan on recreating an outfit based on is this one-

I plan on wearing my new Paige skinny jeans, along with this new hat that I LOVE from Forever 21, as well as these booties.  This outfit will be one that I wear while we are out exploring the city one day.

Last but not least, one of the days we are there we scored tickets to see the Chew (the daytime cooking show on ABC) which will be followed by afternoon tea at the Russian Tea Room followed by a light dinner and finally the Book of Mormon on Broadway- aka a packed day!  Therefore it took me quite a while before deciding on what exactly I would be wearing because I wanted to be comfortable running all over town to the various events but also pulled together.  This is the direction that I am leaning-

I plan on wearing these J Brand jeans that I have as well as a grey and black leopard print scarf I that got at H&M when we were in Florence a couple of years ago.

We all know that packing, no matter how far in advance you think about it, seems to change at the last minute sometimes so we will have to see what exactly I end up packing!

Thanks so much for stopping by!