March 31, 2015

Kinley's Eight Month Update

Weight:  She is over 18 pounds but we will get the actual number in the coming weeks once she goes to the doctor for her 9 month appointment.

Health:  She has been pretty health except for one case of what the Dr called RSV.  She seemed to get over it pretty quickly though and since has only had a slightly runny nose.

Sleep: She was waking a ton up to 4 times a night sometimes during this month of her life but finally last weekend after I returned from Glenwood Springs we finally decided to pull the trigger and start the sleep training.  I will write a separate post on that soon to let you all know how it is going!

Social:  People are constantly telling me what a smily baby she is and how content she is.  If she is fussy it's only because she is hungry, tried, or has a diaper that needs changing.  If she isn't one of those things, she is the sweetest, happiest little girl!

Diet: She is having fun eating different foods!  In addition to all of her normal baby foods out of the jar she has also tried and enjoyed strawberry pancakes, pasta, whole peas, and cut up peaches.

Clothes: All of her summer clothes are 12-18 and she is easily fitting into those items but is still able to wear her 6-9 month items as well as her 6-12 things.

Baby Gear:  She is still loving her jumper/activity center as well as sitting at her high chair and joining  us for meals at the table.  It won't be long though before she get to start using the walker that use to be Sawyer's.  She had finally outgrown her swing (which she didn't really like to begin with) so we sold it.  I was able to get $26.50 for it which was $1.50 more then I had paid for it!  Great return on that investment!

Crying:  Like I said she doesn't really do much crying unless she is tried, hungry, or needs her diaper changed.  Such a happy girl!

Likes:  She loves to eat, watch her brother play, play with her brother, and her stuffed bunny Miss Hops A Lot!

Postpartum:  We are finally getting into a nice groove (the whole family) so I have been able to start taking longer walks and watching my portions which had gotten out of control while I was pregnant and then nursing.

Milestones: Sitting up and standing with assistance for longer and longer periods of time.

Here are a couple more of my favorite pictures of her this month:

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