April 2, 2015

Getting Festive...Pre-Easter Fun

In honor of Easter this weekend we have been trying to squeeze in as many Easter themed activites as possible so on Sunday during a playdate my girlfriend and I decided to take pictures of the boys, just like we did last year.  

This year it didn't go quite as well but oh well, it was still fun!

In addition to the photo shoot Sawyer and I had so much fun the other morning dying Easter eggs with my mom and grandma.  It really got us into the spirit of the holiday!  Sawyer did a great job being careful with each of the eggs as he placed them into the dye.   We also made some sweet treats to enjoy on Sunday, rice krispie treat eggs rolled in sprinkles.  I will be back tomorrow with a breakdown of what I decided to put in each of their Easter baskets this year as well as what we will be wearing to brunch on Sunday!  Happy Thursday!

Thanks so much for stopping by!