April 2, 2015


Thank goodness it's Friday is right!  I can't wait for all of the fun things we have planned this weekend!  We are finally putting the finishing touches on our new dining table so I will be back next week with a reveal and we are also planning on spending tons of time with friends and family.  As promised here are the items that I got for the kids Easter baskets.

First up, Sawyer.  We got him a steel dump truck from the Easter bunny which I know will get tons and tons of use!  He is also getting these sunglasses for the pool this summer in black so that he can match daddy!  I also am putting in some of his favorite treats-cotton candy, football treats (peanut M&M), Twix Eggs, and Reece's Pieces.  Some of those may or may not be for him to share with Tice and I...

As for Kinley I got her this new swimsuit from Gap as well as these fun egg shape chalks (which should be more fun for her as she gets older).   She is also going to be wearing her first Easter dress to brunch on Sunday and I couldn't be more excited to get us all dressed up.

Kinley was so excited for the upcoming holiday that she decided to go from pulling her little body along the ground to full on crawling and we couldn't be more excited for her.  She also started saying "Dada" today over and over again so we are going to have to count that as her first official word, not Mama but that's ok!

Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you have a great Easter weekend!