September 4, 2015


This week seemed to drag on...did anyone else feel that way?  Guess that always happens to me when we have a holiday weekend on the horizon.  This week was fun even though it drug on and on.
Finally got Kinley to wear a headband/bow for longer then 10 seconds so we celebrated with some pictures

Then she decided she didn't want to wear it anymore and mess with things she is not suppose her hand suck in the dishwasher

Love this new tank I got on major sale!

Enjoying one of our last pool days of the year

To cool for shades

I snuck out with my mom and a family friend for dinner and drinks on Wednesday night.  So fun!  We also went and grabbed the famous Palisade Peach Martinis that they only offer a short amount of time each year!

Yummy dessert...also called the Palisade!

Girl pulls her top off every morning and then sometimes will put her leg in the arm...WEIRD

Enjoying his first ever Pizza Lunchable...Uncle Zach would be so sad it wasn't the cheese only version!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!
Thanks so much for stopping by!