October 13, 2015

Beauty Favorites...Hair Care Edition

When it comes to beauty products (makeup or hair) it takes a lot for me to change up my routine.  The majority of my products I have used for over TEN years and can't imagine going even a day without them!  That's why I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my beauty staples as well as some of the products that I have recently introduced into my arsenal.  Today I am going to share with you all of the products I use on my hair.
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1) Hydrating Macadamia Oil Shampoo- I recently (in the last year) switched over to this shampoo and really like it.  For the price I find it very hydrating which is super important considering how dry my naturally curly hair tends to get.

2) Enjoy Luxury Conditioner- I think this conditioner is worth every penny!  It is definitely on the pricy side but I typically buy a liter from a beauty supply website which cuts the price in half!  It is beyond hydrating which I love.

3) Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo- Even though I haven't really found a dry shampoo that actually mops up all of the oil in my hair the day after I wash it this one for the price does a pretty decent job plus the scent is wonderful!

4) Kenra Volume Spray #25- My hair doesn't hold a curl if there isn't some sort of product in it so I count on this hairspray to help me out as much as possible!  The scent is amazing too!

5) Enjoy Hair and Treatment Oil- As I mentioned my hair can get super dried out from time to time so whenever that happens I bring it back to life with this amazing oil treatment.  Works every time and can also be used as a body oil if you have some dry patches on your body.

6 & 7) Hot Tools 1" 1.5" Curling Irons- Like I mentioned, my hair doesn't tend to hold a curl very good majority of the time but these curling irons are my favorite for helping me try!  Plus they have wonderful customer service which makes me love them that much more!  I use the smaller one for beachy waves and the larger for everyday curls.

8) Chi Flat Iron- I have had this for almost 10 years and still love it as much today as the day I got it.  It was totally worth the extra cost because I don't have a single hair appliance that has made it this long plus it heats UP and is the only thing that is able to get all of the kinks out of my hair (#curlyhairgirlproblems).

Are any of these items in your hair care favorites list?  What are some of your other favorites?

Thanks so much for stopping by!