December 1, 2015

Getting Festive...Holiday Family Photos

My wonderful and talent friend Dani from Birch and Twine Photography took our holiday pictures this year.  Our first session didn't go so well (you can read about that here) but we were able to capture a couple of good photos during that session and then we really got some good ones when we did retakes a week later.  My favorite is one we are using on our holiday cards and I will share that once we send those out later this week.

Here are the details for where our clothing items can be found:

My First Outfit: Dress | Shoes | Earrings
My Second Outfit: Similar Dress | Earrings 

Kinley's First Outfit: Dress | Tights
Kinley's Second Outfit: Dress | Leggings

Sawyer's Cream Sweater | Shoes

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