December 2, 2015

Getting Festive...Thanksgiving Table Decor

Entertaining is one of my very favorite things to do.  Everything from selecting the menu to creating the perfect tablescape make it an enjoyable experience each and every time.   That's why, when it was my turn to host Thanksgiving this year I decided to dive right into the planning process and throw a minimalist and modern spin on things.  I included the traditional colors of the holiday, orange, red, and brown, into my color scheme but added in some silver and tan to change things up a bit.  I love how it all came together and know that my guests did as well.

I used some leaves, sprayed them with some silver glitter spray paint and then placed them into between gourds I purchased.  


  This tablescape will be hard to beat next year but I think I am up to the challenge especially since I was recently introduced to BloomNation.  They are a flower delivery service that supports local florists through their online marketplace and are a big advocate for small business.  They would be the perfect place for me to select a centerpiece for next Thanksgiving and any event in between!

Thanks so much for stopping by!