January 8, 2016


This week seemed to DRAG on and on so can I get a hallelujah that it's finally Friday!  Not only did this week seem to drag but Sawyer also got sick with a 24 hour flu bug for the first time and it was the saddest and grossest thing.  I did however have plenty of time for cooking, cleaning, and working out so that was good.
Some new shoes to help in the motivation department!
(Not available online, similar here)
Colorful beginning to a stir fry on Sunday night
Bubble Up Chicken Pot Pie...so good!  All of my picky eaters ate it all up!
Wedge Salads for the win...so, so yummy

Bacon Pierogis in a cream cheese sauce...perfect this week with all of the snow we were having! 
Just hanging with mom watching some TV 

Today Sawyer is finally starting to feel better which is great because we have a bunch of fun things planned this weekend.   Tonight we are having friends over for dinner, tomorrow night we are attending a birthday party for a friend, and then Sunday we have a date night planned!  I can't wait!  I am definitely one of those types of people that need to get out and about so the fact that I haven't gotten to do that as much this week is making me extra excited for all of our plans this weekend.

On another note, one of the few places I did go this week was Target and when I was there on Wednesday I saw this adorable Valentine's Day banner.  I saw it when I was leaving so I figured I would just come back later in the week to get it.  Well I went this morning and they were all gone...crap, I absolutely hate when that happens.  They may get more an employee said but who knows so I will most likely just get to work and make my own.  I will share our Valentine's Day decor next week with you all because it is coming together rather nicely!  

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!