April 14, 2016

Adventures in Portland

A couple of weeks ago we spent some time in Portland and Central Oregon and had a great time. Traveling that far with two little ones that still depend on nap time made for some major meltdowns more than a couple of times but overall we had a wonderful time!
Sawyer's first taste of In n Out
Some girlfriends and I on St. Patrick's Day
One of the days we were there my girlfriend took us to the zoo.  It was Sawyer's first time in a big city zoo and he loved it!

My beautiful drive to Central Oregon at sunset one day
This sign in the gym made me laugh so hard...check out the volume section
The view from our backyard in Central Oregon...right on the golf course
Grandma and Kinley know how to have a good time!
Tice and his brother David
The real reason we went...celebrating Tice's grandma's 90th birthday!
Taking part in some wine tasting while in Oregon is mandatory :)
One of our favorites!
Miss these girls so much!
Naptime...in a PACKED car
Helping Dad

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