April 28, 2016

Recent Happenings...Transitioning Kinley to a Big Girl Bed

The crew hard at work installing the new bed set up.

A couple of weeks ago we transitioned Kinley into a big girl bed.  I wasn't completely sure it was the best time but part of me figured that she was so close to crawling out of her crib and she was just about 2 months younger then Sawyer when we transfered him so I bit the bullet and dove right in.  The upside was that I got to clear out a big queen sized mattress and all of the furniture  for her new big girl room set up from out of our garage so that make me extra happy!

We ran through her normal bedtime routine the night we transitioned her and then waited for her to crawl out of bed a million times just like Sawyer did....and we waited and WAITED and it never happened!  I was SHOCKED!  She just went right to bed as if she was still in her crib!  That first night she did roll out of bed once but was fine and has never done it again.  

I honestly can't believe how smooth the transition was- I think the younger age has something to do with it but either way I'm just happy she has a lot more room to stretch out and that she is sleeping through the night just like before!

I was also afraid that naps wouldn't be as smooth sailing but they were!  She has done better then I could have ever imagined!

One happy little girl hanging out in her new bed and LOVING it!


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