July 2, 2016

Happy Fourth Birthday, Sawyer Dylan!!!

Sawyer, Sweet Sawyer!  
You are four today!  I can't imagine life without your sweet, playful, imaginative, passionate personality.  You constantly surprise me with all that your little mind soaks up!  People tell me all of the time what a smart boy you are and I can't wait to see all of the new things you will learn in this next year.  One of your favorite phrases that you have been telling me lately is "Mom, I already know everything about...(planes, dinosaurs, you name it.)" or "I knew that!" and while you sure know a lot we have a long way to go before we know EVERYTHING.  Remember my love, that learning is fun and you will spend your whole life doing just that.

Your curly blond locks are the first thing people notice when we are out and about followed by your beautiful blue eyes.  If looks could kill, then you slay!  That hair of yours is something that you hate getting cut and won't be bothered unless there is a special bribe involved...last time it was a bowl of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sprinkles.

You love playing with your friends and are always asking if one of them can come over to play but your favorite playmate is Kinley.  You two are finally getting to a point where you both use your imaginations and can play together for long stretches of time and it makes this momma's heart burst with happiness.  

Before your nap each day, we both know that you won't fall asleep until you have a glass of milk, a treat (normally something with chocolate), and a book or two read to you by me.  Although sometimes I want to rush through the process so that I can cross things off of my to do list, I try to remind myself what a special moment it is in our day, just the two of us.

Right now you are obsessed with a show on Disney Junior called Octonauts.  The amount of new things you have learned on that show blows my mind and you are constantly teaching me about sea creatures I didn't even know existed.  You also love watching Paw Patrol and playing with anything that can build something tall or "as high as the sky" or stringing together a bunch of your toys into long trains.

My love, my love, my love, you bring me such joy each and everyday even when we butt heads because our personalities are so similar.  Please keep exploring, using your imagination, and never giving up on the things that are important to you.  If you do that, you will be unstoppable!  Love you to the moon and back my sweet boy!