January 11, 2017

Oh The Places We've Been....2016 Edition

I've said this many times before but one of Tice and I's favorite things to do together is travel.  It doesn't matter if it is a trip close to home or one across the country, we love any chance we have to get away!

Here is a list of all of the amazing places we escaped to in 2016!

We started things off by using up the gift my parents had given us for Christmas, a trip for just Tice and I to Crested Butte.  It was a food filled 36 hours and we wouldn't have wanted it any other way!

Then in February we were able to take another trip just Tice and I to Laguna Beach for a conference for Tice.  The sunny escape was just what we needed!  We lounged by the pool, ate tons of yummy food, and Tice was able to work.
The Montage's Watermelon Margaritas are something to behold...so yummy!  I could have had them all day if they didn't cost $18 each!!!

After the Southern California sunshine I headed back to the cold and joined some friends in Steamboat Springs for an awesome University of Colorado alumni event in honor of the US Collegiate Skiing Championships. 

Then it was time for my annual scrapbooking trip to Glenwood Springs.  My mom gathers a bunch of old friend together every year and we spend a few days scrapbooking, eating, and drinking!
Our spring trip to Portland was wet, which was to be expected but we had a ton of fun seeing old friends, celebrating Tice's grandma's 90th birthday, visiting the zoo, eating all of the yummy food Portland has to offer, and doing some wine tasting...oh and some work for Tice- the main reason we go!

After visiting Portland my girlfriend came up with the great idea of escaping to Napa in May for a couple of days to catch up which was beyond good for the soul.  We toured countless wineries, ate delicious food, and took in the amazing scenery.

My girlfriends in town and I decided that after tons of talking about it over the years we would actually do something other then just talking about it and actually take a girls trip.  We headed to Telluride for a night and it was so much fun!

Then just a couple weekends later Tice and I headed back up to Telluride for his birthday to take in a day at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival with a big group of friends.  His trip ended in the ER after a major battle with a 24 hour bug but we still loved being up there!

Then again two weeks later, we went to Telluride again for a night to ring in Fourth of July with family.

After not having been in what felt like ages, we headed over to Denver for the anniversary party of two close friends and enjoyed the celebration as well as some time in Boulder.

After purchasing 35 acres of land in the mountains above Cimmaron last year we took our first camping trip up to the property at the end of July.  It was a amazingly relaxing trip with no access to TV or the internet for a couple of days- just the company of my parents and some close friends.  We plan on making this trip an annual event each summer!

After all that relaxing it was time to stay up way past our bedtimes and get a little wild again.  Tice and I with another couple headed to Vegas for a long weekend kid free and had the most amazing experience.  We saw Calvin Harris and Rod Stewart live, ate some of the most amazing food, and my girlfriend and I shopped our little hearts out.

Then to welcome fall we headed up to Aspen so that Tice and some friends could run in the Tough Mudder.  They were crazy but finished and plan on doing it again.

We headed back up to the mountains of Beaver Creek for Color Sunday and enjoyed staying at the Park Hyatt.  They had tons of amenities like the adorable s'mores happy hour for the kids.

After a little family time in the mountains Tice and I headed over to Boulder so that we could take part in our annual University of Colorado football game tradition.  Each year a ton of Tice and I's friends come from all over to take in a game together and it's always a weekend for the record books.

Then two days after returning from Boulder I headed back to Denver for a little girls trip with my mom, her friend, and my cousin for a couple of days of shopping and eating!

Finally we closed out our year of travels with a NYE trip to Texas for Tice's cousin's wedding and to visit family.

All in all, 17 awesome getaways- some short trips, some longer but all memory makers!

So blessed that we were able to experience all of these amazing places with the best people a girl could ask for.  Here's to 2017 and seeing all of the adventures we take this coming year!

Thanks so much for following along!