October 24, 2017

Recent Happenings...Early Thanksgiving

A couple of weeks ago my brother and two cousins were in town at the same time and because of that my mom decided to throw us all an early Thanksgiving dinner which was a wonderful idea in so many different ways.
My cousins arrived on Sunday afternoon so we had the entire family over to our house for a little Italian feast to prepare our bellies for the following day's feast.  Kinley decided to have everyone model her collection of sunglasses after dinner which supplied us with some fun pictures.

The following day we all dressed up and pretended it was the actual Thanksgiving holiday which was funny because that day turned out to be the actual day that Canada celebrated their Thanksgiving.  We joked for the rest of the day that we were Canadians celebrating in America...just a bunch of comedians over here I tell you...

My cousins, the kids, and I
My dad also known as Pok and Sawyer
Me just sipping vino while making gravy- all in a day's work
My brother and Dad
My brother and I
My brother and Sawyer spent most of their time together building sets of Legos.  They both were in heaven because of it!  This was just one of the sets they built.

All in all a wonderful weekend/day spent with some of my favorite people in the world celebrating my favorite holiday, even if it was 6 weeks early!

Thanks so much for stopping by!