January 30, 2012

How I Spent My Weekend...

This weekend I spent my weekend crafting and scrapbooking.  It was great to finish our wedding scrapbook this weekend and I also got to use up a great big bag of wine corks I had crammed in to our cabinets.  Here is what I ended up doing with them.  I print off a big T-for Tice-on the computer and then lined the paper with wine corks.  Once I figured out the shape I wanted I started to use a hot glue gun to glue the corks together.  I did not glue the corks to the paper because I didn't want one side of the corks to have the white paper show through.


 I think it turned out pretty cute.  PS this wasn't the only thing that kept me busy this weekend- I can't wait to show you all cute projects I have been creating for Baby Tice!  Promise to post pictures of everything I made later this week.