April 23, 2012

New Mom Survival Kit... aka The Perfect Diaper Bag

I have begun placing a couple of the items I know are going to be absolute musts into our diaper bag by following this article's outline of what to pack and what to leave at home.  She mentions that the items should be seperated into three different categories and that you don't really need more then what she outlines in her list but I wanted all you mom's out there's input.  So let me know, is the following really all I need?  Are things missing or should I remove some of the items from the list?

The following is her list-

Restock Checklist, Don’t Leave the House Without It Portion:
  • Diapers (for a newborn, it’s a good rule of thumb to bring one diaper for every hour or two that you’ll be out)
  • Wipes (do yourself a favor and get one of the refillable plastic BOXES instead of those resealable travel packages — you can usually get the box open with one hand, while the stickers on the travel packs can be a pain to get open)
  • Diaper disposal bags for when you need to take the dirty diaper with you (I loved the slim 50-count bags of Sassy Diaper Sacks when I used disposables; now I use Planet Wise wet/dry bags in small or medium, depending on the length of our outing)
  • Cloth diaper burp rag (or two)
  • Full spare outfit for baby (onesie, sleeper, socks, etc.)
  • Extra shirt for you, if you’ve got a spit-upper/explosive-pooper
  • Bib
  • Bottle, if you use one, with either water and a powdered formula dispenser or separate bottles of the ready-to-drink stuff (just because your baby is all but guaranteed to sleep through feedings if you pre-mix, thus you end up wasting it)
  • Nursing Cover or very lightweight blanket, if you use one
  • Cell phone (as soon as you choose a pediatrician, PROGRAM THE NUMBER IN) (also make sure you have pretty much every number you might possibly need: partner’s cell, work, main office number, neighbor’s number, tow service, locksmith, etc.)
  • Wallet
  • Keys
Restock Checklist, Set-It-And-Forget-It Portion
(i.e., the stuff you need but probably don’t need to double-check for every time you leave the house)

  • Changing pad (one of the best baby gifts I got this time was one of those Changing Pods — mine is JJ Cole but Skip Hop makes one too — it includes a changing pad and fits a box of wipes, spare diapers, disposal bag, small tube of cream. Has saved my sanity from the endless rummaging in the bag while trying to keep a rolly baby put on an elevated table SO MANY TIMES)
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Baby sunscreen (I’ve graduated to keeping this in the car at all times)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Spare change
Restock Checklist, Depends-On-Baby/Season/Type of Outing Portion:
  • Pacifier
  • Toys, rattles, teethers, books and/or lovey (we only bring toys for Noah these days — Ezra is generally more interested in silverware! car keys! straws! leaves! any kind of plastic packaging!)
  • Baby food (purees and/or finger food snacks; always be sure to pack at least one food your baby is all but guaranteed to eat)
  • Spoon
  • Tissues
  • Extra hat
  • Snacks & water for you
  • Teething tablets, gas drops, any other medications