April 22, 2012

Thoughts at 27 Weeks

At Twenty Seven Weeks:
  • I'm dying to meet him and secretly or not so secretly now I'm hoping he comes a little bit early
  • I'm hope he has blue eyes and curly hair
  • I'm hoping that the nursery turns out just like I have it pictured in my head, if not better
  • I never thought I could be more organized then I already am but I think I crossed the threshold the other night when I could be found labeling each outfit we received at my Grand Junction Shower with homemade labels, stating who had given each of his adorable little outfits to us.
  • I will NEVER grow tired of feeling him move around inside my belly. 
  • I have however grown very tired of my tailbone hurting EVERY SINGLE DAY while I am at the office- guess I need a new office chair.
  • I already love him more then I thought possible