May 5, 2012

No Sew Baby Girl Tutu

Even though we're not having a little girl this time around, I do have a couple of girlfriends that are pregnant with baby girls or have baby girls so when I saw a picture of one on Pinterest the other day I wanted to recreate it and possibly give to them as baby shower gifts or Christmas presents!

Here is how I created mine:
You will need the following:
- Elastic 1/2 inch wide
- Tulle in your color(s) of choice

Cut a piece of elastic about 10-12 inches long, dependent on the age of the child.  Smaller child equals less inches!  Then sew together the two ends of the elastic.  This will provide strength when pulling the tutu on your little one rather then if you just tied the two ends together but by all means if you don't feel like sewing, go ahead and tie them together.

Then since I was creating these for a baby girl I cut each length of tulle to 12 inch lengths. 

Fold each piece of tulle in half and place at the front of the piece of elastic.  Pull the two ends up, around to the back of the elastic and then pull through the hole created by the fold in the piece of tulle and then pull snugly.  Each individual knot should look like this.

Continue knotting the lengths of tulle until you create a full tutu.

You could easily add a variety of colors to each tutu or simply do what I did and have each tutu be one color!