November 4, 2012

Dear Sawyer Dylan (4 Months)

Dear Sawyer Dylan,
You are growing right before us into an adorable, bright eyed little man.  You bring Daddy and I so much joy each and every day.  What amazes us both is how big you are getting and how much you can eat!  We went in for your four month check up and shots today and here is where you stand!

Height 26 1/4 inches (90th percentile)
Weight 15 pounds 13 ounces (80th percentile)

We knew you were long but had no idea that you were that long...maybe Grandpa Wes and Uncle Zach have rubbed off on you and you will be as tall as they are one day!

As for your weight you feel a LOT heavier then you are ringing in at and when I was asked yesterday how much you weighed I said "probably 18 pounds."  Thankfully you aren't!  I don't want you to grow up or be any bigger faster then you already are!

The following are the list of things that you did for the first time this month!
  • You allowed mommy and daddy to go out on our first date night in Vancouver( no grandparents to watch you).  Miss Diana watched you!
  • You had your first official play date with Emma!  You two are exactly three month apart!
  • You started sleeping through the night right before we went to Colorado for Auntie Elizabeth and Uncle Tim's wedding!  It still depends on how much sleep you got during the day and how late we have made you stay up but you are consistently sleeping through the night on a pretty regular basis now!  This is both great and kind of a pain because I still need to get up in the middle of the night to pump and then if you wake up once during the middle of the night, I end up having to get up twice!  
  • You took your first flight on an airplane on our way to Colorado
Mommy and You waiting at the airport 
  • We found you the house that you are going to grow up in.  We close on the house on December 7th and I know you are going to have some wonderful memories growing up in this neighborhood, which is filled with tons of kids and fun parks to play at!
  • You started rolling over every time we place you on your stomach for tummy time!  Mommy thankfully got a video of you doing this and can't wait to show it to you when you get older!
  • You also on mommy's birthday started rolling from your back to your tummy! You have now started rolling all over the place with your combination of rolls.
  • You LOVE to play with your play gym and sit in your Bumbo!  The toys that make all different kinds of noises and the view you get from your Bumbo make you feel like a big boy.
  • You HATE stoplights and stop signs when we are driving in the car if you are cranky and can't fall asleep.  Seems like you and Daddy have the same level of patience when it comes to driving.
  • You recently started laughing although it is hard to tell sometimes because even though you are giggling, you have a look of pain on your face and then your laugh sometimes goes from happy to distressed!

  • You attended your first college football game at Autzen Stadium in Eugene.  It was the CU vs OU game.  Colorado lost :(

  • You celebrated your first Halloween where mommy dressed you up as a Lion!

Sawyer, you are the light of our lives, the apple of our eye- we can't wait to watch you discover and enjoy life!  On to sleep training and some solid foods in the coming weeks plus another plane trip to Colorado, living with Grandma Tammy and Grandpa Wes for a couple of weeks, moving into our new house, and getting even cuter then you already are.

We love you baby boy,
Mommy and Daddy