October 16, 2013

DIY...Entry From Garage Update

The landing zone when you first walk in from our garage was bare...bare I say! when we first moved in, so over time I slowly started to get the space more fine tuned!  I started by painting the top of the bench a color that matches the rest of the trim in our home.  For some reason all of the built in's and bench tops in the whole house were painted except for this one...go figure.  I then scored a shelf/coat rack from Michael's for $4, had Tice hang that and then painted it to match the rest of the wood.  Finally I threw some pillows that weren't being completely utilized in our dining area, a random picture frame with one of my favorite memories, a sale vase from Home Goods for $5 and a piece of greenery from Hobby Lobby for less then a dollar.  Overall I am extremely happy with how the space now has a bit of personality and isn't to be ignored when you walk in the hallway from the garage.

Even though I originally only thought a place to hang my purse was necessary, which I talked about here, I think the space has turned out great and more then I imagined.

Here is a shot of the before:

Thanks so much for stopping by!