October 7, 2013

How I Spent My...Weekend

We had the best weekend filled with a reception, a quick trip to Denver, a beautiful wedding, shopping and lots of good food!  Here are just a couple of pictures from the weekend.
Ready to celebrate!

My girlfriend Shauna and I...PS...I look incredibly pale in any picture taken the night of the reception...not normally this pasty!

Some of the guys


We drove up to Boulder before heading back down to Denver on Saturday-I'm so happy we did because we got to enjoy Illegal Pete's!  Love, love, love their food!

A selfie of me the night of the wedding!  I loved this dress and the blurry iPhone pics I took don't do it justice in my mind!

The beautiful bride and her adorable little girl

The ceremony

Leah and I

Another blurry iPhone photo
PS...I am so happy I get to wear this dress again to my husband's Christmas party because the pictures we took on Saturday never really looked that good.

A shot of Denver

A little J. Crew sales action at Cherry Creek

Enjoying a little lunch before heading out of town

The Cherry Cricket...just ok for as good as everyone made it sound.

Hope you had a great weekend and are off to having a good weekend!
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