February 18, 2014

How I Spent...My Weekend

On Friday, Valentines Day we celebrated by having lunch with Tice before he hit the road to travel to Vegas for a good friend's bachelor party.  Then after Sawyer's nap we went with my good friend and her son swimming at an indoor pool.  The boys, who are about a year apart had so much fun!  Sawyer kept jumping into me and letting me dunk his head completely under water.  He was having so much fun he wanted me to let go of him...he didn't quite grasp that if I let him go he wouldn't come back up as easily!  She got some cute pictures but she hasn't had a chance to send them to me so I will try and share them once she does.  After the pool we grabbed a pizza and headed back to our house to enjoy it.  After dinner it was early to bed because my brother was headed to town the next day.  On Saturday we returned some books at the library, grabbed some Starbucks, and then headed to the park.   
Then we headed home until it was time to go with my parents to pick my brother up from the airport.  We had Sawyer hold up a sign with my brother's last name.  It was super cute!  After the airport we picked my grandma up and headed out to dinner.  After dinner we enjoyed dessert at my parents house.  On Sunday we did a little shopping and then we headed over to my parents for the day.  Sawyer got the cutest flip flops from Old Navy!
Old Navy Boys Flip Flops (Available Here and on sale!)

For dinner I made an apple and kale salad, which was very good as well as some pork chops.  Around 9 Tice got home!

On Monday Tice headed to work so we headed to a local donut shop to join my mom and brother from breakfast, a quick trip to the mall and then it was time for lunch so we met up with my Dad for lunch at Pizza Hut.  
Our spread

After that I dropped Sawyer off at my parent's house so that Tice and I could go to our doctor's appointment.  We got to find out the gender of the baby which will be revealed on Monday night because we are having a gender reveal party!    Dinner involved take out enjoyed at home.  I feel about 20 pounds heavier after this weekend so I will need to hit up the gym a couple of extra times this week!

Hope you all have great weekends!  Thanks so much for stopping by!