March 11, 2014

Baby Girl's Room...The Before Shots

As are most guest rooms, this was the most neglected room in the house.  We keep the door closed so that Sawyer knew that it was off limits most of the time and then it acted as our catch room, all where stuff that we weren't using found a home.

Gone are those days though!  

I decided that before we begin decorating what will be our new addition's room I would take some before pictures to show not only the layout of the space but the colors on the walls.

I've got a lot of work to do!  And just as a refresher here is my to do list:
To Do List:
- Paint accent wall Radiant Orchid
- Paint other walls
- Purchase crib
- Purchase two storage units from IKEA
-Purchase shelves to display books
- Create ruffle to place around crystal mobile
- Purchase frames to display artwork
- Create custom artwork to display in frames
- Sew two pillows to display in room
- Purchase or make crib sheet
- Sew baby blanket
- Purchase lamp for side table next to chair
- Purchase or create curtains for both windows
-DIY plastic clothing dividers
- Clean out everything in closet and reorganize
- Decide on what we will be using for a changing table

Thanks so much for stopping by!