March 10, 2014

Nursery Mood Board

I am so excited to decorate a nursery for our little girl! I started with the color of the year, Radiant Orchid and have built everything around that color and items we had in Sawyer's room! It is a beautiful shade of pinky purple and it will be used as a featured color on the wall which the crib will be up against. The list is a long one but I am up for challenge! Below is my to do list of things that need to be completed:

To Do List:
- Paint accent wall Radiant Orchid
- Paint other walls
- Purchase crib
- Purchase two storage units from IKEA
-Purchase shelves to display books
- Create ruffle to place around crystal mobile
- Purchase frames to display artwork
- Create custom artwork to display in frames
- Sew two pillows to display in room
- Purchase or make crib sheet
- Sew baby blanket
- Purchase lamp for side table next to chair
- Purchase or create curtains for both windows
-DIY plastic clothing dividers
- Clean out everything in closet and reorganize
- Decide on what we will be using for a changing table (I DO NOT like traditional changing tables, you use them for such a short time so we will be looking for something that can be used long term-maybe something like this below)
I would change out the hardware on this though to make it a bit more girly
- Sew a changing table pad out of coordinating fabric

Note: Will use existing bumper, chair, ottoman, and side table

Thanks so much for stopping by!