March 24, 2014

DIY...Baby/Children's Clothing Dividers

I created clothing dividers for Sawyer's nursery a couple of years ago (you can see how those turned out here) and because I thought that they were such a great addition to the nursery and I decided to create a set for baby girl!

I loved that the dividers were created on top of plastic separators I found at the Container Store so they lasted a long time, aren't to large, and were a blank white canvas which I could build on top of.

To begin,  I removed the paper which I had placed on them when I first created Sawyer's so that they were again a blank canvas.  Once the paper was removed I placed the circles down on the back side of some scrapbook paper I purchased from Hobby Lobby, which matched the overall color scheme of the nursery and traced around them. 

Then I cut 2 out- one for each side- and then placed leftover scrapbook stickers on them. 

Finally I adhered them to the disks and hung them up in the closet.  What do you think?

Thanks so much for stopping by!