April 23, 2014

Nesting To Do List Update

I have been busy at work this week finishing up more projects around the house on my Nesting To DO list so I thought it would be a good idea to share an update-everything crossed off has been completed and everything in grey has been added to the list since the beginning inception of this list!

- Finish filling out Sawyer's baby book
- Get completely up to date on Sawyer's scrapbook
- Stain wood beams above built in's in our living room (once our brother in law created the doors to cover our hole the stain of the wood above it was off by just a bit plus it looked dried out so we needed to give it a couple of coats to freshen it up)
-Stain the stairs way up to the man cave (originally there was carpet but it was pulled out and left bare once we moved it and we haven't gotten around to staining it yet)
- Create shelves in garage that are suspended from the ceiling so that seasonal items and decor can be moved up off of the floor
- Paint all trim and door frames throughout whole house- UPDATE- this is taking forever...I wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy but the end is in sight and I can't wait
- Paint new baby's room (once we find out what it is I will start looking for the perfect color(s)
- Paint our bedroom and bathroom (these two rooms open up to each other and are only divided by our double sided fireplace)
- Move our printer from the office downstairs to the office upstairs
- Purchase furniture for baby's room (crib and bookcases and bookshelves)
- Create custom pillows and pillowcases in coordinating fabrics that match with the room
- Customize old crystal chandelier so that it becomes a mobile
- Create curtains for the nursery
- Renew Grout in the kid's bathroom
-Renew Grout in our Master bathroom
-Purchase and spray paint tiered wire basket to keep items organized
Renew Grout in Man Cave bathroom
- Move white chair and ottoman from Sawyer's room into baby Girl's
- Move desk into Sawyer's room
- Paint Sawyer's old changing table/dresser silver
- Purchase flowers for baby girl's side table
- Move tall dresser into Sawyer's room
- Refinish rocking chair and place in Sawyer's room (this was the rocking chair that was in my room as a baby but needs some work.
- Purchase and hang all frames in baby girl's room
- Purchase and hang shelves to display books in baby girl's room
- DIY a headband holder out of an old oatmeal container using this tutorial

I am sure that more items will make their way onto this list but this is all that comes to mind right now.  Still lots to do before she arrives or I run out of steam (which I am doing quicker and quicker these days).

Happy Hump Day!

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