May 26, 2014

DIY...Cornhole Game Bags

Tice loves playing cornhole or bags depending on where you are from, whenever we have friends over but the bags he has been playing with for years were getting holes worn through them and looking a little less then desirable to play with.

Case in point...

So I decided to create new bags for him with some leftover outdoor fabrics I had in my scrap pile.

First I simply laid one of the old bags on top of the new fabric, folded it over, and gave an extra 1/2 inch around it.  Then I folded them right sides together, making a square and sewed almost the entire way around, leaving about 1 1/2 inches to turn it right side out and fill it with corn.

Folding it in on itself
Ready to fill

Once I had 4 in my striped fabric and 4 in my army green fabric, I cut open my old bags and funneled the corn from them into my new bags.

Once filled I folded the fabric in the opening over and sewed them each shut
All eight of my brand new corn hole bags!

Overall the project didn't cost me anything because I used leftover materials and the hardest part was filling them with the corn through my funnel which kept getting clogged.

Thanks so much for stopping by!