May 28, 2014

DIY...Monthly Onesie Stickers for Babies (Month to Month)

One of the things that I didn't do when Sawyer was a newborn was take pictures of Sawyer once a month in the same place to see his growth.  This time around I really want to do that with baby girl so I decided to create custom circles with months indicated on them.

I created simple looking circles in a variety of soft colors, six per sheet of paper.  Once printed I cut them out and plan to use double sided tape to affix them to her outfit each month.

By using cardstock I already had on hand, it helped make the project almost zero cost because I didn't have to run out and buy special sticker paper which would only be used for one item.

I really like the way that they turned out and can't wait to use them!
Thanks so much for stopping by!