May 29, 2014

Wheelchair Rides & Did That Really Just Happen Part Two

On Sunday night I awoke in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.  Once in there, sitting down, I suddenly noticed that my ears felt tingly.  Then a wave of darkness came over me and the next thing I remember was the rushing sound of water and the realization that I was on our cold bathroom floor.  I then felt the rush of a contraction coming on and called out for Tice multiple times.  He came running in and I laid there for a couple of minutes having contraction on top of contraction.  Tice immediately called the doctor, explained that I had passed out and was now having contractions.  The doctor on call suggested that we head to the hospital immediately.  Thank goodness for my mother in law that only lives 5 minutes away because Tice called her, explained the situation and how we needed her to come stay with Sawyer while we went to the hospital.  As soon as she arrived we headed to the hospital but by that time my contractions were slowing down to almost non-existent.  The emergency room sent us up to labor and delivery were I was monitored for about 2 hours.  We found out that I was dehydrated and had what they refer to as a vasovagil episode, in short my body suddenly felt under stress and compensated by causing me to pass out so that blood flow could more easily reach my brain.  

Thankfully the baby was totally fine and even had an episode of hiccups while I was initially getting hooked up to the monitor- which are alway so neat to listen to!   All in all I am glad that everything turned out fine and that it was most likely a one time thing.  If by chance it does happen again, I will need to wear an ECG like device around for a 24 hour period to monitor my blood pressure flux as well as my heart.  
Hooked up and being monitored

What would a Tice pregnancy be though without a trip to the hospital???  I should be so lucky to find out!  For the full story on my trip to the hospital while I was pregnant with Sawyer, read this.

What was the scariest thing that you when through when you were pregnant?
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