July 8, 2014

What's In The Hospital Bag

I am not one that would ever be considered unprepared so I have of course being thinking and laying out what will be making the trip to the hospital with us once baby girl finally decides to arrive.  

For Baby Girl

For Mommy

For Daddy

Last time I packed a hospital bag it looked like this.  Although I did in fact use all or most of the items I packed, I plan on having/doing things a bit differently this time.  Here's the complete list of what's coming this time around and why:

For Baby:
Knotted Top Baby Hat: I own a company that specializes in baby hats so why on earth would I opt to use one of the standard striped gender neutral hats instead of one of my own...oh that's right I wouldn't!  So I am bringing two different hats for her.  One in radiant orchid and one in light pink.  The radiant orchid is for her right away and the light pink is for day two in the hospital and matches perfect with her mint green sleeper.
Mint Green Sleeper: Last time I brought Sawyer a ton of different outfit changes which to be honest was nice and didn't take up a ton of room but for now this is the only other outfit besides her coming home outfit that I have packed.
Blanket: The pale pink one will be perfect for pictures and is much nicer then the standard hospital issued option.
Coming Home Outfit: When I was trying to decide what outfit to select for baby girl to come home in I tried to think back to what Sawyer wore home from the hospital and you want to know what?  I couldn't remember what he wore and to top things off I don't have any pictures of it either!  I remember more about the outfit I couldn't bring him home in more then the outfit he actually wore!  The outfit he couldn't come home in was a sleeper sack that said "Hello World".  Obviously he couldn't ride home in a sleeper sack without us pulling it up because of his seat belt so I decided to go with something else...what that something else was remains a mystery.

The only item that I may add to my list for baby girl is another outfit to wear in the hospital.

For Mommy:
Facial Cleaner: I love my Clarisonic so much that I use it all the time so this is coming along.
PJ's:  I am in love with these pajamas from Target.  They are beyond soft yet light weight.  I wore a black pair after I delivered Sawyer so I am bringing a light grey and mint green pair as well as a pink pair this time around.  Plus they button in the front which is perfect for nursing
Coming Home Dress: I love the loose fit of this dress so much that I have it in both grey and black and think it will be perfect for me after delivery to come home in.
Coming Home Shoes:  I LOVE these shoes and wear them almost everyday in the summer so these are a no brainer.

For Daddy:
Jeans: He will actually most likely opt for shorts but just in case I am packing a pair of jeans for him too.
Shirt: He lives in these shirts on the weekends and I love them because they are the softest t-shirts ever!
Shoes: Super comfy and durable
Blanket: For his super comfy couch/bed!

Other items not pictured making the trip:
Orbit Car Seat: I am so in love with this seat that I honestly can't wait to use it again!
Pillows: One for him and one for me
Canon Camera: We love this thing so much!
Toiletries for both Tice and I: Makeup and hair items
Baby Book: For the professionals to add her hand and foot prints to her book

If for some reason I end up needing more then the items on this list I will send my parents or Tice to grab them but I think we are good to go!

Can't wait for her to get here!

Thanks so much for stopping by!