December 11, 2014

Adventures in Kitchen Remodeling...Cabinet Bling or Hardware

Let's just say that the process of putting up cabinet hardware took me longer then I expected.  First off, I purchased the hardware a little bit at a time because I found some knobs that I fell in love with long before I found cabinet pulls that I felt the same way about.  Then due to our child safety locks some cabinets were super easy while others had to have the child locks moved prior to us placing the new knob in place.  

Overall though I thought that it was easy to do and has definitely made a huge difference in how the kitchen looks now, much more finished and updated.
Here is a shot of the holes that I drew onto the cabinets prior to drilling.  This was by far the most time intensive part of the entire project.
Making sure all of my holes would match up!

Finished product!
Close up

A shot of the finished product!

I also purchased enough of the hardware to add it to the kid's Jack and Jill bathroom which totally helped transform that space as well!

The knobs are these ones from Amazon and the pulls are these ones from Target.

Next up in terms of house improvements include:
-Add under cabinet lighting
-Purchase or DIY new dining room table
-Purchase new dinning room chairs
-Paint cabinets (I'm leaning towards white)
- DIY new dining room buffet

Thanks so much for stopping by!