December 8, 2014

How I Spent...My Weekend

This week was spent relaxing at home and attending Christmas related events!  We stayed in on Friday night and watched the Oregon Ducks game!  It was a great victory and now we are heading to the playoffs!  Then on Saturday morning we went to a friend's little boy's birthday party.  Sawyer had so much fun playing with on of the little boys trackers.  He had a fit when we told him that we were leaving.  Then that night my parents came over and watched the kids while we attended my girl's night Christmas Party.  It was so nice to get together with some of my favorite ladies in town!
Finally on Sunday we went to our country club's Santa Brunch which was a lot of fun.  Kinley loved sitting on Santa's lap but I can't say the same for Sawyer.  
My dad and Kinley about to head to brunch
My mom and Kinley at brunch
Kinley loves Santa!

This was our first attempt at getting him to sit down on Santa's lap so I finally had to pick him up and stand in between him and Santa.  Of course the rest of the day he talked about how fun Santa was and that he loved him.  Go figure!

Loving the present that Santa gave him!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  We have lots to look forward to this week, my husband's Rotary Christmas Party, his office Christmas Party in Denver at the Brown Palace Hotel this coming weekend and lots of fun Christmas related activities until then!

Thanks so much for stopping by!