December 23, 2014

Kinley's Five Month Update

Weight: I would guess that she is around 17 pounds at this point but we don't have another appointment for her for another month.

Health:  Sawyer, me, and Kinley all got a bit of a head cold last week which we are still trying to fight off...It is the saddest thing when a baby has a cold because there is next to nothing that you can do for them.  Plus she ABSOLUTELY hates getting her nose wiped!

Sleep:  We had officially regressed...gone are the days of only waking up once a night or sleeping through the night for that matter.  I have been waking up at least twice a night lately and I am not a happy camper.  I am going to post on this more later this week because it is starting to kick my tried butt!

Social:  She is one of the happiest, smiliest, loving little bundles I have ever been around!  She loves smiling and giggling for anyone that looks her direction!

Diet: As of her 4 month birthday her diet is still exclusively breast milk but we have recently added in some rice cereal and as of last night some peas which she responded to by making the worse face and having her gag reflex in full effect!  She isn't really into eating solids at all at this point.  In fact she seems to be taking a long time warming up to them and still isn't very good at eating them in general.

Clothes: She is wearing her 3-6 month clothes but some of those are getting smaller and smaller by the day and we may have to start wearing the 6-9 month clothes sooner then her six month birthday.  In fact some of her sleepers are 6-9 month size already.  She has also grown out of most of the headbands that I made for her before she was born- just to small and tight on her head.

Baby Gear:  Tice pulled out Sawyer's old jumper/activity center the other day and while she barely touches the bottom, she still seemed extremely happy getting to sit up and hang out.

Crying:  Kinley has two cries, one for when she is just mildly upset and one for when she is super scared or tried.  They are very different.  The second makes your blood boil- thankfully she rarely uses the second cry!

Likes:  She doesn't dislike much except peas at this point-ha!

Postpartum:  For some reason I am slowing down, way down on my milk production...gone are the days of putting a bag of extra milk a day away in the freezer.  We have started using some of our frozen milk each night for nightly bottle after her bath.  I am keeping up good during the day but before bed I am practically dried up.  I have a feeling that I won't be able to breast feed exclusively (no formula) to 9 months with Kinley like I was able to with Sawyer but we will just have to wait and see.

Milestones: Eating rice cereal, oatmeal, and peas for the first time as well as hanging out in her activity center and rolling over both ways!

Here are a couple more of my favorite pictures of her this month

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